Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Welcome to our Siberian Cattery Amberway!

Our aim is to breed healthy and kind tempered Siberian cats of traditional colours. Besides paying attention to the standard Siberian cat features, we breed kittens with very marked Siberian fur patters. These are the dots, that make a cat look like a cheetah and the classic pattern that consists in a spiral that develops from the abdomen region of the animals and continues over its back. We love these patterns and hope you will also enjoy them!

We are a small cattery, consisting of one male and two breeding female Siberian cats. This is to ensure that each cat feels comfortable, loved and has enough personal space. In addition, this ensures that we have enough time and capacity to pay attention to each individual kitten, so that they will become loving and self-confident cats. We wish our kittens to be as closely related as possible to the "original" Siberian cats and therefore all our breeding cats are imported from Russian. Two come from Moscow and one from Tomsk, a large city in Siberia. To learn more about them, please go to their personal pages (Our cats).

In our house we have specialised regions for each cat gender. We have also built a cat room on the balcony, where our girls enjoy sleeping in the shadow, eat cat grass and observe the birds on the surrounding trees. In addition, we have a cat nursery, where new mothers can relax and take care of their litters without exterior noise and stress. We appreciate each of our cats not as a breeding animal, but as a unique personality. Every day we observe their behaviour, marvel at their so different temperaments, for animals of the same species and write down funny stories which happen to all of us together. It is never boring living with cats!

About us

We are a family that lives together in a large house in Trondheim, Norway. We enjoy being in the wild, going on a boat through the astonishing fjords or hiking the green mountains around our city. We like working in the garden, planting more flowers to attract pollinators and increase the fertility of our soil with its fascinating worms. But especially we like being with animals, who maintain the wild look of their ancestors as the majestic Siberian cats. That is why we share our house with three beautiful Siberian cats, all their kittens, an outstanding Norwegian cat, an enthusiastic German shepherd and hundreds of bumble bees. We enjoy living our lives all together!

We hope that through this website you will enjoy the beauty of the Siberian cat with us. Welcome to Amberway!

We enjoy increasing our knowledge of cats and their breeding. We have successfully completed the PawPeds G-2 course and PawPeds G-1 course. At Amberway we strive to keep ourselves up-to-date.