Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Introducing "Everyone"

Adults: Introducing an adult to a kitten is quite straight forward. Let the person sit on the floor in the "kitten area" and without making sudden movements, extend his fingers so that the kitten can smell them. After that, the kitten will let himself being petted by the adult and the two can establish the relationship they want. A Siberian cat will usually choose one person as "main", while the rest of the household will be categorised as friends, pleasant acquaintances, playmates, servants and people living here, depending on how much time the people and cat spend together.

Children: Kittens in a new home get used to their environment very easily, however, for a bond between a kitten and child to occur, it takes some supervision on their first meeting. The child should sit, talk quietly and not make sudden movements. Let the kitten do the first move and come to the child. Once the kitten is not scared of the child's presence, give them a toy to play. However the child should still be sitting and not moving too much. Once they get into the game, the kitten focuses on the "prey" and thus does no longer fear the child, who can now move and run with the kitten. For more information on how to play, please read this article!

Kittens from our cattery live in a house full of animals, children and adults and are thus used from their first days to the noises of a large household. They will thus get quickly used to any type of home from a calm (as long as you play with them), to a noisy one!

Dogs: This might take some time. From several hours to weeks, depending mostly on the dog personality. Introductions are better done by one person when there is no one else around. Choose a room where the acquaintance will take place. Bring the kitten in and let him explore. Bring the dog in by the leash and make her sit on the floor next to the sofa, where you sit. Keep the dog on a short leash the whole time and do not allow her to move too much. Calmly sit with the dog. Read a book, for example. Do not watch videos, as sudden sounds might scare the kitten. Now wait. The kitten should come closer to you to explore. If your dog is a calm type, the kitten will understand that there is nothing to fear and go closer to sniff her. If the dog is not calm / used to cats, she might start barking or moving too much, scaring the kitten. In this case continue trying until your dog will not react anymore to the kitten and / or the kitten will understand that there is nothing to fear. It will happen, eventually!