Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.


It is very important to play with the kitten correctly, in order to establish a good relationship with your new family member. Kittens play to train how to hunt. Therefore, they see in each toy a prey to chase. This prey, should be significantly smaller that the kitten, in order to not scare her. The most important factor for a successful playtime is that the prey (that you operate) behaves like one. The prey should be scared of the kitten and run ALWAYS AWAY from the cat. It should try to hide in some place and then try to run in another direction. If the toy shows this "behaviour" the kitten will get interested and play with you. If you, however, push the toy towards the kitten in an "attacking" manner, the kitten might get scared and refuse to play. When playing, you should think like a mouse, then both you and your little hunter will have fun! Please explain this to all your family members, especially children!

Anything can be a toy for a kitten. You do not have to buy the fancy shop mice to play with her. Threads, pieces of material, paper, shoe laces and even grass will work fine, as long as you make the "toy" behave like the prey and not hunter!