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Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Yelisey Siblion

(23.11.2013) n 22

Yelisey is a black classic tabby boy with a beautiful coat pattern. He is the sweetest and the most tender cat in our house. He never scratched us, even when playing. He starts purring whenever somebody touches or even talks to him. Every day, during our morning greeting, which is accompanied by substantial ear scratching and petting, he performs the most unbelievable squeaks between purrs. We have never heard a cat make such funny noises!

Although there are many sofas and pillows at his disposal, Yelisey prefers to lay on the ground, especially at times when the whole family is at home and busy (for example preparing the table for dinner). He chooses the spot where most people have to walk by, for example on our path between the kitchen door and table. From such location he extends his paws and tail (to occupy the largest area and making it then impossible for us to walk by) and expects us to admire him loudly by saying how beautiful he looks. Of course he looks beautiful and very cute, and therefore we all give him the deserved compliments. Then he is satisfied and changes his position to a window. There he sits on duty and “protects” us from any exterior threat. Once he sees a magpie or raven that has the arrogance to walk in our garden, he warns us with a series of short meows. After his warning signals, we are considered safe and he can relax at his guard post! We thank the Siblion cattery of Moscow for such a charming boy!


Yelisey is the proud father of five kittens from Litter A, Litter B and Litter C.


  • 03.05.2014, Moscow, Excellent1 certificate CACP (WCF)
  • 03.05.2014, Moscow, Nom. BIS
  • 17.05.2014, Moscow, Excellent1 certificate in Class12 (FIFe)


Mother: Int.Ch.(WCF) Tsyganochka-Oblomov Fialka (14.07.2011) ns 22

Father: Wr.Ch.(WCF) Balzamin Iz Odissei of Baraj (05.07.2008) n 24


Wr.Ch.(WCF) Balzamin Iz Odissei of Baraj
SIB n 24


EC(FIFe) Sherlock Knyaz Gvidon
SIB n 09 23


Ch.(WCF), CH(FIFe) Zharok Knyaz Gvidon*RU


Wr.Ch.(WCF) Gangut
SIB n 09 23


Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF) Pepita
SIB f 09 22


Ch.(WCF) Bazuka Knyaz Gvidon*RU
SIB f 09 23 (n 09 23)

Int.Ch.(WCF), IC(FIFe) Jasni Sweet
SIB ns 23


Eur.Ch.(WCF), EC(FIFe) Margarita
SIB f 09 23 (n 09 23)


Wr.Ch.(WCF) Shanteklera Iz Odissei
SIB n 22


Int.Ch.(WCF) EARL Martin Valenvic
SIB n 23


Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF) Kuzma Litvik
SIB ny 21


Wr.Ch.(WCF) Mariya Valenvic
SIB n 22


Wr.Ch.(WCF) Barselona Iz Odissei
SIB f 21 33


Eur.Ch.(WCF) Odissey Golden Assolada
SIB d 21 33


Miledi Mirabel'
SIB n 21 33


Int.Ch.(WCF) Tsyganochka-Oblomov Fialka
SIB ns 22


Oblomov-Yurik Fialka*RU
SIB ns 09 24


EC(FIFe) Edelweiss Yurik iz Fialki
SIB ns 09

GIC(FIFe) Korvet Knyaz Gvidon*RU
SIB n 09 23

Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF) Edelweiss Rafaella
SIB ns 24

Int.Ch.(WCF), CH(FIFe) Sidimi Otrada iz Fialki
SIB ns 22

Ch.(WCF) Cezar Serebryanyj Dozhd
SIB ns 03 23

Ch.(WCF) Manyasha Tender Beast
SIB as 23

Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF), IC(FIFe) Beruthiel-Timange Fialka*RU
SIB a 22

Wr.Ch.(WCF), EC(FIFe) Jonathan-Timange
SIB n 22

SIB n 22

SIB n 23

EC(FIFe) Veilchen Prinzessin
SIB a 22

GIC(FIFe) Ral'mond martsell
SIB as 23


Ch.(WCF) Pamella Martsell
SIB a 23