Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.


(30.07.2008) f 22 09

She is not a Siberian, but a Norwegian housecat. Her fur is very brightly coloured and shows a very pronounced classic pattern. In particular, we love (besides her personality, of course) her perfectly symmetrical white paws and tip of her tail.

Her favourite hobby is to lay on our hands while we try to type on the keyboard of a PC and there is only one hour left before a deadline. During such times we guess she is thinking how to conquer the world. She would be a very good companion cat for the evil character of a movie 😺. She is not a showcat and not very friendly to strangers (with some exceptions). However, to us she is the most affectionate and loving cat that brights up each time someone she loves comes into the room. If this is not enough, she is also our clever girl, who knows all the time what is right or wrong and teaches this to all the others cats and humans of the house.

She is such a wonderful animal that after having her we decided to get all the other animals, including a dog and the worms.

Sunny was born on a Norwegian farm and grew up in a garage, before we brought her to our home. It amuses us that having such "humble" origins, Sunny thinks of herself and behaves as the most noble of cats. Indeed, her behaviour is much more aristocratic (meaning arrogant and grumpy at times) than that of our breed animals. We love Sunny just the way she is!


When Sunny was the only cat of our house, she got a litter of four wonderful kittens. All of them are now in loving homes. You can read more here.