Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Buy a kitten

In order to ask questions on the possibility of buying or reserving a current or future kitten (waiting list), please contact us. You find our contact information on the following page.

We will discuss what type of kitten you wish to have (gender, pattern, personality). We have also waiting lists for particular colours or patterns. Upon agreeing on purchasing a kitten from us, we will ask you to transfer part of the sum, to prove that you are a serious buyer. The kittens will leave their mother only after reaching the age of 12 weeks.

Siberians are social cat and enjoy the company of their siblings and other cats. If the same family wishes to purchase two kittens from us, there will be a discount of 10 per cent on the price of the second one.

Amberway sells most kittens as company / show animals, with a type two pedigree. If you wish to breed our animals, we will ask you to contact us by phone to have a detailed discussion on your plans. Kittens for breeding will cost more than company ones and will receive a type one pedigree.

Each kitten upon being transferred to a new home will have: