Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Litter Sunny

On the 11th of June 2010 Sunny gave birth to 4 colourful kittens. All of them are now in new loving homes.


Alpha, male, black with white (n 03)

He was the first born kitten and became a very sweet boy. He was always coming to the door to meet us and be petted.

Romeo, male, red mackerel with white (d 23 09)

He is a little lazy boy. We would always find him either eating or sleeping on the bed.

Seryj, male, black with white (n 03)

He is the opposite of Romeo, always doing something, getting into troubles, finding the smallest hole where to go in and then be unable to get out. We had a lot of fun with him and enjoyed playing together!

Shushyk, female, black mackerel with white (n 23 09)

She was a calm girl that liked to play with her brothers. We are very happy that she and Seryj moved to the same new home. We are sure they have a lot of fun together.