Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Litter A - April, 2016

On the 25th of April 2016 Ch. Elina Slavicat gave birth to 5 kittens, 4 females and 1 male. The proud father is Yelisey Siblion. Two kittens have the father's fur colour, two the mother's. The last (that was actually the first born) has a contrasting blue-cream fur. All the kittens have inherited very beautiful classic patterns!

Meet the parents

Mother: Ch. Elina Slavicat

Father: Yelisey Siblion

We enjoy very much taking pictures of our kittens. Some of the pictures you will see below by Malin A. Berdal, an animal photographer. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


Meet the kittens

We hope that with the descriptions below you manage to get to know a little our Litter A kittens.

Aksel Amberway, male, black classic (n 22)

+++ already in his new home in Trondheim, Norway +++
Aksel is an extremely layback kitten. He knows what he enjoys, sleeping and eating and performs both activities with a lot of passion. Although he enjoys playing, he also likes to sit next to us, be petted while looking at his sisters playing. His temperament and exterior resembles very much that of his father, Yelisey Siblion that is the sweetest cat we have ever seen. Now let’s see if his son will become even kinder!

Argentina Amberway, female, blue and cream classic tortie (g 22)

+++ already in her new home in Bergen, Norway +++
The name Argentina comes from the Latin word argentum, which means silver. She is actually a blue-cream tortie, however most of her fur is of a metalic-blue colour. She was the first kitten to be born and got as her best friend Agrippina, who was born second. Since the first days of life one could find them together, either fighting for the same mother's nipple or playing games (meaning laying on the back and trying to get each other's ear to chew on). She is our explorer kitten. She was the first one to try cat food, use the cat litter, start playing and catching toys. She always had a wonderful appetite and ate everything we gave her with a lot of enjoyment! Growing up she became a very sweet girl. In our opinion, she has the perfect balance of playfulness, calmness and attachment for humans. She likes to lay next to us and be petted, while purring loudly. She is a very special girl!

Angelina Amberway, female, black classic (n 22)

+++ already in her new home in Vikhammer, Norway +++
Angelina has the most perfect classic pattern of the litter. On her back she has a light brown wing pattern, hence her name, little angel. But don’t be fooled by such sweet name. Angelina turned out to be the little devil of the litter, always active and searching for adventures. She continues playing even if she is exhausted, chases everything that moves and jumps on her sisters to encourage them to play more. A very joyful and active kitten!

Agrippina Amberway, female, black and red classic tortie (f 22)

+++ already in her new home in Nittedal, Norway +++
Agrippina is the biggest kitten of the litter. She is also a mirrored copy of her mother, Elina, with a cream coloured paw and a red splash (we call it her hat) on the head. When she was a few weeks old, she was the most active and adventurous of all the kittens, always moving inside the cat "nest". While the other ones were relaxing and sleeping, you would find her walking around them like a little racing car. Growing up she became much calmer, leaving to Angelina the role of the "racing car". She was the first kitten to start purring. Her purr is the loudest of the litter and was definitely inherited from the father, while her personality comes from the mother. A true daughter of her parents.

Alanina Amberway, female, black and red classic tortie (f 22)

+++ already in her new home in Skaun, Norway +++
Alanina has a very marked classic pattern, a white breast and a very warm coloured face. When she was young she looked like a little fox. She is a big and curious kitten, with a very sweet temper, hence she was called after the sweet amino acid alanine. When she was young, she always looked at us with her big, curious eyes, trying to understand the human world. She also made the most amazing sounds when searching for her mother, like the tweet of a bird! She likes to play with her brother and sisters but also to spend time with humans.