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Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

Litter C - March, 2017

On the 14th of March 2017 Ch. Elina Slavicat gave birth to 4 kittens, 3 males and 1 female. The proud father is Yelisey Siblion. All the kittens have inherited very beautiful classic patterns!
Our amazing Four Shades of Red litter! We would like to thank Elina for giving birth to such big and colourful kittens! Below is a description of some of their personality traits. The kittens are young and their personalities are still developing. More information will come later.

Meet the parents

Mother: Ch. Elina Slavicat

Father: Yelisey Siblion

We enjoy very much taking pictures of our kittens. Some of the pictures you will see below by Malin, an animal photographer. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


Meet the kittens

We hope that with the descriptions below you manage to get to know a little our Litter C kittens.

Cardinal Colombo Amberway, male, red classic (d 22)

+++ already in his new home in Flateby, Norway +++
Birth weight: 126 g
His name was supposed to be just Cardinal. However, since birth this kitten was very active, exploring and trying to see more than his litter mates. Therefore, we had to add a second name, Colombo (or Cristoforo Colombo), in honour of his personality. It is nice that all these names start with a C! Cardinal Colombo is a very social kitten, who - together with his sister - awaits to greet us when we come into the room. He comes to greet even strangers, which is a big achievement for such a young kitten. He is truly a brave explorer as his name implies!

Cherry Lady Amberway, female, black and red classic tortie (f 22)

+++ already in her new home in Trondheim, Norway +++
Birth weight: 126 g
Cherry is a very sweet and curious girl. She likes to play with her brothers, but also takes naps next to humans. Although she is by definition a black and red cat, she has very little red in her fur, which makes her look more alike her father than her mother. She has the most pronounced classic pattern of the litter and will grow up to become a cat with a truly stunning fur.

Carmine Amberway, male, red classic (d 22)

+++ already in his new home in Nøtterøy, Norway +++
Birth weight: 129 g
Carmine is the kitten that purrs the most. This is why he was given the nickname "Purrinator". He is a calm boy (for Siberian standards calm 😺) that likes to be petted and scratched behind the ears. He is a very attentive cat that takes notice of everything that goes around him. Carmine likes to follow humans to find out what they are up to and to get petted a little bit more. In his new family, he got introduced to people who are strongly allergic to cats, but they did not react to him. This means that he has very low levels of the allergen Fel d1, as many Siberian cats do!

Carmine in June 2017 - video link (if it does not open: right-click and then save locally to view it).

Coral Amberway, male, red classic (d 22)

+++ already in his new home in Kolltveit, Norway +++
Birth weight: 123 g
Coral is the male kitten with the most intense fur colour and classic pattern. Although he was slightly smaller than his brothers at birth, he grew up very quickly and now is the biggest kittens in the litter. He is the most active kitten that can hunt his toys day and night. He plays with everything that he finds, including grass straws, pieces of paper, stones and his siblings, of course! Once he is tired playing, his main aim becomes being petted by a human. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if this implies finding a hand of a sleeping human and rubbing himself at it. If both hands are under the pillow, no problem, Coral will go under the pillow as well 😺.