Amberway Cats

Lovely Siberian cats from the heart of Norway.

About the breed


Similarly to humans, each cat has its own personality. This is why managing a cattery never gets boring, as each new kitten is a unique individual. However, there are some traits which were selected for by nature and subsequently by cat breeders and occur more often in the Siberian cats. Although they look like wild cats, Siberians have a very kind personality. They show a "dog-like" behaviour by being playful, "talkative", very intelligent, good with children and loyal to their owner. Siberians usually welcome back their owner at the door after they came back from work and show their happiness by purring loudly. In addition, they easily become friends with other house animals, including dogs.

A trait which is present in all representatives of the Siberian breed is their playfulness and curiosity. These cats will always check what you are doing and try to be involved in whatever way they can. Siberians will watch TV with you, "help" you wash the floor by trying to catch the wet cloth, sit on the keyboard when you are typing and make your life not boring in many other ways!


The Siberian is a middle-large sized cat breed characterised by a strong bone structure of a real hunter cat. Males of this breed weight between 5-10 kg, while females between 3-7 kg. The cats only fully mature at 4 or 5 years of age.

The fur of Siberian cats is of medium length and very shiny. It also possesses water repellent properties and this is the reason why many Siberian cats love to be in water in hot summer days. At the age of two, Siberians develop a three layer coat, which is going to thicken until full maturity. Their undercoat is very dense, in order to defend these animals from the cold winter climate. Above the undercoat, Siberians have longer hair, which are covered by an even longer outer coat which feels slightly coarse to the touch. In addition, Siberians have a beautiful mane and fluffy tails. However, their magnificent fur does not usually require much care from the owners. The Siberian should be combed only once or twice a week. Siberians come in many different colours and patterns. See this page for more information on the possible colours!